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Antonios K. - Customer

Freeze Dried Whole Miracle Berries

15 Whole Freeze-Dried Miracle Berries per pack.

A fun experience for any curious mind!

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A West African berry that makes common sour & bitter foods taste sweet by temporarily masking your taste buds. Miracle Berries are great for naturally sweetening bland diets without the calorie content associated with sweet foods.

100% Freeze-dried Miracle Berries.

Place a Miracle Berry on your tongue and roll it around until completely dissolved. Remove the seed either before or after the berry flesh has dissolved.  After it has dissolved, feel free to eat any sour food (Crush the berry up before placing it on your tongue for quicker results).

Bland/dry but Miracle Berries work on themselves so moments after putting the berry on your tongue it will start tasting sweet.


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Peter E.
Australia Australia
Taste insurance for future Chemo treatment.

I purchased a supply of Miracle Berries recently as insurance against loss of taste and therefore appetite if and when I have to undergo another course of Chemo Therapy for mestastasising Prostate Cancer. (Please do not identify by name.)